Gerudo Slang Gérudoní v Kuta Néλi vi (Gerudo Slang) 
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Gér udoní v (Gerudo) Pronunciation English

Daya! (Roman Alphabet: Daya!)

Dah-yah Hiya!/Heya!/G'day!/Yo! (US)

Di λi aša?(Dili asha?)

Dee-lee-ah-sh-ah? All right?/How are you?/What's up?/Wussup?(US)/'sup (US)

Da'at a(Da'ata)

Dah-ah-tah I'm good/I'm fine/I'm OK

Nat ako(Natako)

Nah-tah-koh Don't Worry/No worries/It's not a bother/No harm done/It's no trouble at all

Noma da...(Noma da...)

Noh-mah-dah If you think so/If you insist (used as a term of mild agreement)

Meλi ako(Meliako)

May-lee-ah-koh That's a shame/That's too bad/I'm sorry to hear that

Ti f Hai r u λ!(Tif Hairul!)

Teef hah-ee-roo-ll Forget this!/I'm finished!/That's it! (a term used in instances of frustration)

Da λe'!(Da le'!)

Dah-lay Night! (an informal leave-taking expression used in the evening)

Kí z ka t !(Kíz kat!)

Kih-z kah-t Bye-bye!/Bye for now!

Sémj e' i n!(Sémje'in!)

Seh-m-jay-een I'll see you later!/Late! (US)

...aks fayo nu čuka,es'in!(...aks fayo nu, chuka, es'in!)

ah-khs fay-oh noo choo-kah eh-ss-een ...yeah, right!

A way of telling someone that they're full of crap or you genuinely don't believe something.

Literally: '...and we'll get more land!'

This comes from the fact The King Of Hyrule always rejects the tribe's requests for more land.

Ísk Zi-Rupi-Késto, piki kénču! (Ísk Zi-Rupi-Késto, piki kénchu!)

ih-ss-kh zee-roo-pee-kehs-toh pee-kee ken-choo A Zi-Rupee-Késto is a fruitless task.

Basically a way to describe something (a task, usually) you or someone else did as worthless or stupid

Čukasu Oridor! (Chukasu Oridor!)

Choo-kah-soo ohr-ee-door Excellent work!

Like kérno, but its more of a way to describe an action someone did.

Literally: Getting Gold!

Šanaλt, b'af! (Shanalt, b'af!)

Shah-nah-ll-t bah-ff You're brown bread, mate!/You are in so much trouble, now!

Litterally: You're married!

If a Gerudo gets married, she (willingly) is out of the tribe.

Va Itsés, bi kaλt! (Va Itsés, bi kalt!)

Vah eet-seh-ss be kah-ll-t Well good for you!/So, what?/Big shut up and go away!

Basically, a sarcastic, belittling phrase that tells the person you don't care what they did.

Use this phrase, could be very hurtful.

Físme Tzétze! (Físme Tzétze!)

fih-p-ss-may tuh-zeh-t-ss-ay This is used to tell someone that they are either lazy or are a total princess (Zayva can also be used, but most likely, Fípsme Tzétze is used), because they won’t dirty their hands with késto or work. Prissy. Spoilt. Soft hands mean that you haven’t worked a day in your life, hence why your hands are so soft. Gerudos take pride in working hard (and being the strongest hantia’e or warriors)…prissy girls are frowned upon in Gerudo society.

Fayíntat lítsu sogone [bi kénčut] (Fayíntat lítsu sogone [bi kénchut])

fy-in-tah-t lih-t-soo soh-goh-nay[bee ken-choo-t] Another way to tell someone they’re spoilt. To insinuate they were raised wearing a dress (like a zayva).

Héfet Maλakzi (Héfet Malakzi)

heh-fay-t mah-lah-kh-zee This is used to tell someone they are being a coward. A Scaredy-cat. Used for all genders.

Müs-Tíλagtzi (Müs-Tílagtzi)

muh-ss tih-lah-g-t zee Like work: Gerudos pride themselves on being honourable. That is perhaps the worst insult you can use for a Gerudo after Fano (Traitor).

Fipλat Javés (Fíplat Javés)

fih-p-lah-t jah-vess A derogatory, shéknonsh (Racist) term used to refer to Hylians.

Nxdo Abe (Naydo Abe)

ny-doh ah-bay Used to tell someone they are weak and have no muscles. Sort of like saying Skinny-Minnie or too darn skinny, but it also attacks their pride (Gerudos take pride in being physically fit and muscular).

Hokλoš (Hoklosh)

Hoh-kh-loh-sh Doesn’t need explaining.

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