Va Ehenív: Va Néλivi žu Va Gérudošék (Ehenív: The Language of The Gerudo)


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Introduction and Summary of the contents of my Web-site:

Tisaλa zimafzat Zitmusyanæ, Va Ehenív!

Happy 13th Birthday, Ehenív!

(Special thanks to Robert Rennie for the functional Vírdas font!)

The original, E-he (Desert) Dialect of this language was created in 2004, but the actual web-site was not set up until about a year, later. And this language is based on the Gerudos from the Ocarina of Time-era, so it is very different from the language seen in the new game Breath of the Wild. Since the new game takes place 10,000 years after Ocarina of Time: naturally, one would expect a language to change.     This language was invented because I have an interest in foreign languages (I speak a few of them: most are from Earth) and I am intrigued with Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

To note: If you are going to use this language for fan-fiction purposes: PLEASE tell me you are going to do so. Do not forget to also give credit where it is due. Thank-you and I wish you the best of luck with your writings!

To improve the visitor's experience: I have provided a Translate Web-page option on this site.

English not your first language and you would like to learn Ehenív? Do you prefer to write your fan fiction pieces in your own, native language and would like to be able to use Ehenív words/phrases in them and actually be able to translate them to your readers? With this web-page translator, I hope that we can resolve any language barrier issues that you experience on this site. We also would like to minimise the time it takes to run the English word through a third party, online language translator and then go back to this site and find the Ehenív word. I realise that can be very time consuming and frustrating for the visitor.


Special Kitite (Thank yous)  

I would like to give a very special thanks to fans of this site and those who just came here out of curiosity! and of course: Kitit, adila! Bi és sun!

NEW!: Learn some of the tribe's battle cries! Click here! Includes audio examples!

Me-Vírdas (also known as modern Gerudo)Alphabet! Me-Vírdas Alphabet! Now includes audio clips!

English to Ehenív Dictionary. Go here As a bonus: audio clips for pronunciation help!

Numbers and how to tell time in Ehenív Click here!

To go to the Grammar Section Click here! I go more in depth about how Ehenív Syntax (Sentence Structure) works! Includes audio examples!

The Gerudo Pirates of Great Bay have their own dialect of Ehenív. For a quick run-down Click Here!

Contractions: the secret to learning how to speak fluent Ehenív Click here!

To be even more fluent in Ehenív: Learn about their slang and expressions! Click Here!This is a topic that is not covered in the official textbook.

Learn about Pet-names, Honourifics, Royal Titles and names of family members! page Click here! Includes audio examples!


Follow this language on Twitter! @GerudosEheniv Lots of news of updates on current, Gerudo-related projects and even actual Gerudo Language tweets!

Want to stay connected to The Ehenív-speaking community? Or become a Movok (member) of 'The Gerudo Tribe'? (get a cool Membership Card like Link did?) Va Gérudo Nélivi (The Gerudo Language) Facebook Page!

If Javésrand (Facebook) is not your thing: you can keep up with Va Ehenív: the Language of The Gerudo Tribe's blog on Tumblr! Read about the more lingusitics aspect of the language which you cannot find in the textbook.

Want more? I have recently published an unofficial, rough field guide to Ehenív and it is now for sale on Amazon! Kindle or if you would like to decorate your bookshelves...I recommend the paperback version!

The listed price in the links provided, above is in US Dollars, but the book is available for purchase through and almost everywhere else in the World Amazon will allow me to sell it!

Kindle : Va Ehenív: A Conversational Language Course for Kindle.

Paperback: Va Ehenív: A Conversational Language Course Paperback Edition.

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Gerudo Alphabet (Me-Vírdas) used on this web-site was created by Robert Rennie and is intended for private use only.

Va Ehenív: The Language of The Gerudo is a work of fan-fiction and was created by Nina-Kristine Johnson in 2004. The Gerudo tribe is property of Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Eiji Aonuma. Nintendo Ltd is not affiliated with Nina-Kristine Johnson.